MES in Figures

• 32.000 sqm closed area 
• 400 employees 
• Sales activities in 5 Continents 
• Listed among top 1.000 exporters of Turkey, with an export rate over 80% (TIM 2018) 
• Forming and machining of 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx series of aluminium alloys 
• 44 hydraulic forging, impact extrusion and drawing presses up to 3000 tons 
• Extrusion facility which contains 1600t Direct and 2200t Direct/Indirect presses 
• Numeric controlled sophisticated Heat treatment division which contains 17 quenching furnaces and 8 aging furnaces 
• 4 Surface treatment facilities for cleaning and coating applications 
• 4 fully equipped laboratories for quality inspections and tests
• Engineering department equipped with Metal Forming Simulation Software for design, 4 CNC Machining Centers, 3 Turning Lathes and Milling machines for in house tool production 
• 35 CNC turning lathes, and 5 CNC multi axis centers for machining operations